1965 California Cobra Used Automatic
WEST COAST COBRA Some legends go by just one name. Elvis, Sinatra, Cher, Prince, just to name a few in the music industry. In the U.S. performance automotive industry one name stands out, Cobra.

That name elicits shivers from the competition on the tracks back in the 1960’s, and still does. But they also command a million dollar price.
Now you can have a later model version of a Cobra like we have at Skyway Classics. It is a Cobra built by another legend in the industry, West Coast Cobras.
West Coast Inc. has been in production since 1979. After determining to produce a Cobra replicar, they decided that they would design and build the safest Kit Car available and to produce a Cobra Kit that customers would not have to spend years on completing.

This is one of them! The Cobra is powered by a high performance 460 Ford big block engine and B&M shifted automatic transmission, with exhausts exiting out the side pipe headers.

The rear suspension incorporates a Ford 9″, 4-bar rear axle with a drop out center section. This extremely rugged system has been used as the basis for many race cars. The coilover front / rear suspension was designed by using modern road racing technology on a computer simulator to give you the ultimate in control and handling
Power 4-wheel disc brakes with a dual master cylinder combined with performance rotors, heavy duty calipers, high performance carbon metallic brake pads, gives you the best brake system you could ask for.

The West Coast Cobra is equipped with a safety fuel cell which combined with its location, it is virtually impossible for it to be ruptured.

Price: Auction

More info: Listing has ended. Search on eBay for similar West Coast Cobras