The New Auto Toy Store is proud to present the 1967 Stutz Bearcat reproduction of 1914 Bearcat.

In 1967 the Stutz Motor Car Company produced a limited-edition reproduction of the 1914 Stutz Bearcat exclusively for the Neiman Marcus luxury department store. The collaboration aimed to offer a unique and nostalgic vehicle for automotive enthusiasts and collectors.

The 1967 Neiman Marcus Stutz Bearcat reproduction sought to capture the essence and style of the original 1914 model. It featured a retro design reminiscent of the vintage Bearcat including the iconic open-top roadster body style and classic details. The reproduction aimed to evoke a sense of nostalgia and pay homage to the heritage of the Stutz Bearcat.

The Stutz Bearcat is an iconic American automobile that was produced by the Stutz Motor Car Company from 1912 to 1935.

It is known for its sporty and luxurious design powerful performance and association with the Roaring Twenties. The Bearcat was first introduced in 1912 and quickly gained a reputation for its speed and racing capabilities. It featured a lightweight body a powerful engine and minimalistic design emphasizing performance over comfort. The early Bearcats were open-top roadsters with no doors a distinctive feature of the model.

Stutz Bearcats were renowned for their success in racing competitions including the Indianapolis 500 and the Vanderbilt Cup.

The model’s achievements in racing helped establish the Stutz brand as a symbol of performance and quality.

Over the years the Stutz Bearcat underwent several design changes and upgrades. In the 1920s the Bearcat evolved into a more luxurious and refined vehicle incorporating features like doors windshields and more comfortable seating. However it still retained its sporty and elegant appearance.

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