1971 Lincoln Continental Mark-III, Southwestern Car! Located in Pittsburgh PA Now For Sale!

Daily Driver

For your consideration is my 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III. First and foremost, I hate having to sell this car however I need to make some space for a project at work and have 8 other classic cars.

This Mark III has been my daily driver for better part of this summer. A commuter to work and trips as far as Erie PA (I live in Pittsburgh). The car has been mechanically sorted-out and is ready for someone to enjoy. Unlike many ads out there, I will give you as much detail as possible. The good, the not so great and the wonderful. If there is something I didn’t list or you don’t see, please ask! I can get as many close ups or photos of anything. I can take videos of the car starting, running, driving, whatever! The car is fun and safe, I drive my family around in it! Below I will go through the different categories of the car.

History: The car does come with a Marti Report and lots of documentation since its first owner. The car in its Pastel Blue with Blue interior and Blue vinyl roof reports down to 1 of 188, that’s pretty low! You will see on the Marti Report that the car was ordered new at Roy Butler Lincoln Dealership, the dealer’s badge is still on the trunk lid of the car! There are receipts for the work that has been done to the car since the beginning. The car was built at the Wixom plant and sold new in Texas. It spent a few years in Texas then made its way to Arizona. It spent the majority of ifs life driving in AZ. I started to drive this car in PA just in 2021. It has never touched salt or bad road conditions here in PA and it shows.

Mechanical: The 460 engine is rated at 365 HP and runs very strong and efficient. The car starts up quickly, idles smoothly and pulls very hard. It runs nice and cool, doesn’t over heat or have any issues even when driving on 95* summer days with the AC on. The 69-71 engines had the best 385 series heads, nice cams and over 10:1 Static Compression. Combine that with the carburetor work, distributor work and exhaust work that was professionally done and the car is actually pretty quick and efficient. Its not a “fuel pig” like the later 460 cars. It doesn’t take much throttle at all to get her going! The C6 transmission shifts very nicely. The transmission was serviced at 70,000 miles by the dealer per a receipt and the fluid is clean. The brakes are in good condition (rears are fresh, fronts have 5/32nd on pads (70% life), the tires have 1,200 miles on them and were just replaced in June. The car steers, rides, handles and stops very well. Air-conditioning works and blows cold air! The heat blows hot! Yes, the factory climate control works just as it should! At 101,000 miles the engine was gone through and freshened by the dealer in AZ (so yes, you essentially have a fresh 460 bottom end). I can provide the receipt showing all of that. Since I have owned it the starter once in a while gives a quick spin before spinning. I have started the car probably 250 times, it has done it 3 times. Steering and brakes work flawlessly!

Just this past spring and summer the following has been replaced or added:

Holley 4160 600 CFM polished Carburetor. Its tuned so well, its like it has EFI. #66 primary jets and #65 blow proof power valve. The carburetor was professionally tuned to the car, a big increase in MPG and performance over the 4300A Motorcraft carb. The OEM 4300 works well and is included with the car, will be in the trunk.
¼” Carburetor base spacer (keeps temps down on the carb)
Fuel Pump and Filter
K&N air filter
Full ignition Tune up. The spark plugs are the correct heat range for the strong 10.5:1 CR 460 and todays fuels. The Autolite 124 plugs, wires, rotor and cap have all been replaced. Along with that, a Pertroix ignition and 45,000v coil have been added.
Water pump, new timing cover, stainless timing cover and water pump hardware are all new and a hipo double roller timing set have all been added to the car. The cam has been degreed/checked to ensure its set straight up for maximum performance and efficiency.
Flowmaster Flow FX straight through mufflers (super mild, wonderful tone mufflers – not the raspy chambered mufflers Flowmaster sells) The oem exhaust H-pipe and most of the pipe all remains, the rear resonators were deleted and factory mufflers replaced with these flow FX. THE SOUND IS FITTING AND AMAZING! Just a deep low rumble unless you open it up!
10w40 Driven high zinc oil, Wix Racing oil filter – fresh!
Power Steering System serviced and fresh fluid added.
All of the hoses and belts are new along with coolant.

All in all, the car is mechanically stout!

Interior: The interior is stock and all oem. The radio and all of the gauges work. The rear windows are slow and only work when help is added by hand (they are so small, I just leave them closed. The regulators may need oiled. The front windows work as they should. All of the door controls work on both doors. All of the gauges work along with the power seats, antenna, locks and all interior lights. The clock isnt ticking and the 8 track player doesn’t seem to work. The rim blow horn steering wheel doesn’t have the horn built into it, there is a small button to work the horn in the middle of the steering wheel. The headliner is perfect, the door panels are nice, carpet is very nice, the dash is close to perfect with no cracks or fading. The seats have no rips or tears, the interior all in all looks like the car has very low miles! The indicator lights above the windshield work as they should, the rear light fiber optitc indicators all work, along with everything related to the door switches. The car is sealed up tight, no wind noise and no water gets inside. Super heavy rain or washing the car, its always super dry inside with nothing coming in. The interior is really spectacular! You can drive this thing 80 MPH in the rain with no issues or discomfort.

Exterior: Pastel Blue, factory blue pinstripe and a dark blue vinyl roof. The paint is the original paint! There were some spots where the AZ sun got the best of the paint, they have been touched up. They are hard to see unless you get a up close by a few feet then you can see them. Usually I have to point them out. I just touched those up when I got the car. I haven’t even buffed or tried to “spiff the paint up”. You could buff to a wonderful shine. Someone stated I should do it for the ad. But, I’m not trying to oversell the car or do things just to make it look better. What you see is what you get! The vinyl roof is pretty sun baked. It looks great going down the road but its evident that the sun got the best of it. The metal underneath looks VERY good with no typical rust issues showing. The glass is all clear, the trim is very nice and really dent free. Light lenses are clear with no cracks. Headlights, high beams, turn indicators, break lights and parking lights all work perfectly. The previous owner did a lot of work to the front headlight system, they work flawlessly! They stay closed for days as well. The headlight doors work better than any other of these cars I have seen.

Underside: The floors, chassis and all under side components are in spectacular shape! No rot or rust, the frame shows how nice the South Western cars really are! Everything looks really good. Nothing is hidden, all still bare metal, no undercoating or paint hiding issues!

Trunk: The trunk is super nice. In the picture it doesn’t show a spare, I had it out to air it up before a trip. It comes with a spare. Check out the trunk floor, its basically perfect, showing how rust free the car really is!

Price: $11,500

More info: Listing has ended. Click to search on eBay for similar 1971 Lincoln Continental (Affiliate link)

Seller's other items: ford-fabrication

Location: McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, United States