Vehicle Original VIN : 7Y82A960914

52,229 original miles. Beautiful color combination with full leather interior. Lifetime southern car in excellent condition. Recently serviced, everything works. The last of the giant land yachts, ready to cruise and enjoy!

The time is coming when these iconic cars will be collectable, and perhaps that time has already arrived. Members of the Lincoln Continental Owners Club know that they are superlative highway cruisers and the best ones have been immaculately maintained over their three-decade-long lives. This 1977 Town Car shows just 52,229 original miles and has been collector owned for more than half of its life. And unlike so many of its peers, it wears a handsome color combination that will always be fashionable. As far as we can tell, the dark red paint remains 100% original and in very, very good condition and we really had to look to find any flaws (that’s a lot of sheetmetal to examine!). There might be one or two minor chips on the nose due to highway use and maybe a few others on the rockers from some stray stones, but the overall look is extremely impressive. Despite what you’ve heard, build quality on these big cars was quite good for the period, and all four doors close with a precision that you may not expect. In fact, you may have to give them a little harder slam than you’re accustomed to doing with modern cars, as the heavy-duty weather seals that make it tomb-silent inside are still quite supple and effective. Likewise, the chrome is excellent (there’s some light pitting on the grille shell, but I bet you won’t see it without using a camera flash like we did), the wonderfully ornate parking light lenses are just beautifully rendered, and the padded half roof shows no rips, tears, or other notable demerits. And yes, the headlights work as they should.

The wonderful Cordovan leather interior is pure 1970s, but it’s tasteful instead of over-the-top. You almost fall into the pillow-tufted seats, which are still comfortable enough for 10-hour cross-country cruising. There’s no notable wear on any of the seating surfaces and they’re still firm where they’re supposed to be firm, soft where they’re supposed to be soft. The carpets are deep enough that you could lose a shoe, and as I said, with those heavy-duty weather seals, it’s dead silent inside this car. There’s a lot of faux wood on the dash and door panels, and even the steering wheel, but it contrasts nicely with the Cordovan dashboard, which also features a brushed metal speedometer face for a bit of a high-tech look. The options list is extensive, with this car carrying almost every available feature: automatic climate control, power windows, locks, and seat, cruise control, automatic headlights and dimmer, power antenna, tilt steering column, and an AM/FM/8-track stereo radio. Better yet, it all worksβ€”even the clock! See, yet another reason for this to be your next road trip car. Your passengers will be stunned by the amount of space they have in back and the trunk is large enough for everyone to bring, well, everything. The original spare tire and jack assembly are still in place, hidden behind their own carpeted bulkhead.

Downsizing was on the horizon, but in 1977 you could still get the muscular 460 cubic inch mill that never seems to work very hard. With just 52,000 original miles, it has never needed anything but routine service items and still runs superbly. Turn the key and it starts almost instantly and settles into a smooth idle. There’s torque all over the map, which is why you want a big cubic inch engine pulling your luxury car around, and like a good servant, it never, ever calls attention to itself. The engine bay is wonderfully original and very well preserved, with Ford Blue on the engine, air cleaner, and other parts, all of which remains bright and clear. It is notable in the fact that little things like the hose clamps, fasteners, distributor cap, and other small parts that are often discarded are all correct and likely original. It’s rugged, simple, and very well designed.

The big V8 is backed by a C6 3-speed automatic transmission with seamless shifts and good reflexes. Of course, it’s best at gliding around town where the luxury-grade suspension can vacuum up potholes or out on the interstate where it can gobble up pavement at a voracious rate. With 2.73 gears in the rear end, 80 MPH is effortless and there’s only a whisper of wind noise past the A-pillars to let you know how fast you’re really going. The chassis is extremely clean, albeit original, so you’re going to see some light surface scale on some of the heavy metal parts like the front suspension arms and driveshaft, but nothing that should cause you any alarm. It has obviously not been used in winter weather. Braking is almost too effective, with heavily-boosted 4-wheel disc brakes that will toss you through the windshield if you’re not careful. And as you’d expect, the exhaust is just a muted hum. It’s fitted with steel wheels and factory hubcaps, and carries recent 235/75/15 whitewall radials for an appropriate look.

We have to admit that we like this car a lot more than we expected to. It’s beautifully preserved, a joy to drive, and you can’t help but feel like a millionaire when you’re behind the wheel. It’s probably the most car per dollar available anywhere on the planet and it is already a popular car for AACA and LCOC events simply because it’s so easy to drive and so comfortable for the whole family. At this price, what do you have to lose, and you will be getting one of the best examples we’ve ever seen. Call today!

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Price: $19,900

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