THIS IS A Highly Original, LOW Mileage, Documented CAR The car is a pleasure to drive and is definitely an attention getter. Millennials may not know when it was made – or perhaps even what it is – but they know it is classic and cool! Contributing to a well-controlled ride, is a rebuilt suspension system. The Air Conditioner blows cold and was thoroughly serviced in 2013 – including a replaced compressor and conversion to R134. There is an under-hood shutoff for the heater core which helps keep the cabin cooler when no heater is needed. The power antenna must be raised/lowered manually. The upgraded/modernized audio system likely has a small electrical “draw” even when the ignition is “off”, so a master cutoff switch has been added near the battery to prevent battery drain when parked. During the photo-session, the horn, power windows and wipers were all tested and worked. All gauges were operational…including the clock (though accuracy on these clocks is not what we have on today’s cars).
Overall, a very nice 1979 Corvette that those who have owned these cars in the past will appreciate as one of the better examples they have seen. Especially if you are a first-time vintage Corvette buyer, please know that these cars were engineered for dynamic looks, great handling, and impressive performance. A smooth and quiet ride was reserved for Cadillacs – not Corvettes. Today, we get Cadillac comfort and Corvette-like performance on many cars…but back in 1979, cars were engineered completely different and more narrowly focused.

Price: Auction

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Location: Hendersonville, Tennessee, United States