1982 Custom Built Motorcycles Here is the hottest and latest from Douglas Kustoms custom designed and hand built trikes…STEALTHED! Registered as an 82 Suzuki ( because of the title and neck with the vin) This new trike is as hot as it looks: ALL steal construction….I repeat, ALL STEAL! LED lighting except for halogen head light. 50 degreed rake with zero wobble of the custom designed and built front springer. The low stance, corners like a go-cart, and more stable than one can imagine, no body roll, just about impossible to flip! .Real auto style cruise control..not throttle lock, real cruise control! Rear disc brakes and a real emergency brake. Custom designed from the ground up…even the electrical that integrates a individual security system ( not an off the shelf system), air horn…YOU WILL BE HEARD…this thing is modified to be LOUD! High output Creed brand LED driving lights….you will be seen and can see the road before you. The custom seat and upholstery ensures a comfortable ride , even and adjustable backrest for the driver, fixed for the rider. Saddlebags and enough luggage racks to carry all you would need to run away from home:)…! The shifter for the 4 speed IRS transaxle is on the right side ( just like in your sports car….as is the brake, and the clutch is on the left side,… just like in your sports car….in fact, except for the handle bars this is just like driving your sports car with extra snap, G’s in corners and a breeze on your knees….even the throttle is as in your car ….yup, it’s under your right foot not on the handle bars!) If you ever got stuck in a wheelie and couldn’t release the throttle on a bike…you understand! The 1800cc pancake ,rare type III engine is a rush! To start, we have a counter weighted stroker crankshaft, shortened and lightened racing rod, a high torque 4062 scat cam, racing lifters, chrome moly rods, ported and polished heads with high rev springs, solid rokers, 88mm pistons and jugs, SVDA electronic ignitioned distributor and dual Weber IDF 40 mm carbs, with special reversed intakes ( ported and matched to the heads for increased velocity and easy access to card adjusters. There’ and electric fuel pump with a fuel pressure regulator , a custom designed and built oil breather system, backed by a lightened flywheel…all mounted to a 3.88 ring and pinion IRS transaxle for the snappiest throttle response you can imagine and an absolute rush to ride!

Banner, Mississippi, United States