Recent Out-Frame overhaul on Cat c-15 Acert Motor – Converted to Single Turbo. Has 0 miles on the motor. The Cat engine is paired with a 10 Speed Manual Transmission. Runs great, Tires are in good condition. Truck is very clean on the inside. Chassis has 1 million miles on it and the engine has 0. Truck also has a head rack in the back of it.


ENGINE – Remove the complete engine assembly and 10,725.00

completely rebuild the motor.

-Removed the complete engine assembly and put on the engine

stands in the shop. Disassembled the complete engine and

inspected all of the components. Stripped the engine to the bare

block and had the counter bores cut on the engine as well. Cleaned

the block and reassembled the complete engine. Installed the liner

shims and all new liners. Inspected the connecting rods and

replaced the piston assemblies and all new piston rings as well.

Installed new rod bearings and replaced the main bearings as well.

Once the both engine was assembled installed the front and rear

covers and replaced all of the necessary gaskets and seals that

were required. Put the new cylinder head on the bench and had it

fire ringed. Prior to installing the head found a dowel pin was broken.

Replaced the dowel pins and installed the cylinder head on the

engine. Assembled the accessory pieces and replaced all of the

gaskets as needed as well. Prepared the block and painted the

block on the truck as well. Once it was completely assembled

installed the engine back in the truck and replaced the parts and

materials as needed. Installed the transmission back in the truck

and reconnected all of the lines and materials. Once it was all back

together tested to insure that it was good to go.

$24,225.93 total Spent on Out-Frame

Complete out of frame overhaul that includes the following.

New Cylinder head

New Liners

New pistons

New piston rings

New rod bearings

New Main bearings

New Thrust Washers

Engine block counter bores

New spacer plate

New liner shims (Match the counter bores that were cut)

All new seals and gaskets that were required

Complete reseal on front structure with new front main

Complete reseal on rear structure with new rear main

New engine air compressor

Coolant lines and fittings were replaced as needed as well. This is the line share of what was completed.

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