This Aircraft is By FlyArgo! VENTUS MODEL. with New Upgrades Rotax 915is Engine Warranty 144 HP

NEW KIT Full Glass Cockpit TT, Engine & Prop 25+- ADSB In/Out ! hours will change, $179,000

Houston Texas. ***** GREY COLOR*****

ALSO AVAILABLE Xenon IV Rotax 912 ULS-T 135 HP (90+- Hours TT, Engine, Prop & Rotor) ADSB IN/OUT Garmin 660 Standard Analog Instruments. “N915FA” $149,000 No reasonable offer refused! Houston Texas ******RED COLOR*****

We also have Bigger Cabin XL 2 Pax and BIG space for Luggage with 915is (Rotax Engine) Garmin Avionics as option Put your Order in Today


We are looking for Dealers in the U.S Assembly & Manufacture line opening soon in Mexico. Ready for New Home Today!


The new generation of professionally designed and constructed gyrocopters is inherently safer than fixed wing and helicopter aircraft of similar size. Why? Because a gyrocopter can descend vertically under full control and land in just few metres of space, without the complexity or cost of a helicopter. So, a Gyrocopter provides more options in case of emergency than a fixed wing and is less likely to experience a technical failure than a helicopter.

GYROCOPTERHELICOPTEREasy to PilotComplex to PilotEasy to maintainHarder to MaintainLow Operating and Maintenance costsHigh Operating and Maintenance costs (X 10 times)Less Expensive than helicopterRather Expensive

Most Gyrocopters are built around a metal chassis, to which everything else is mounted, like cars were until recent years. The XENON or VENTUS is different. using the latest carbon fibre technologies, the cabin of the xenon is an engineering work of art. it is constructed around a light but immensely strong monocoque protective shell, like a formula one car. this shell provides both a crush-proof protective enclosure for the crew and allows all the other components to be directly mounted to it, without the weight of a chassis or additional structural frame. This provides a massive degree of safety for the crew in the event of any kind of accident, because the cabin is capable of withstanding loads that are many times the acceleration of gravity.

In conclusion, the XENON or VENTUS cabin is the result of exploring leading edge technologies through hundreds of hours invested in analysis, testing and verification of the concept in practice, over 15 years of research and development. Looking at the finished design you can perhaps now appreciate that virtually nothing was left to chance, every item is the result of many hours invested in the project to achieve the maximum safety, comfort and performance at the most efficient cost.

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