Envelop BA 75 Unmanned Airship System
BA-75 Unmanned Airship System was built by International Space Laboratory for Government of United Arab Emirates (UAE). The project was closed in 2008 due to financial disagreements,but Airship was built and tested successfully, and was ready to ship. All items have been used for testing only, still in the boxes in temperature control storage building.
Airship Dimensions:
Length 127 feet/ 38,71meters
Width 34 feet/ 10.36 meters
Height 48 feet/ 14,63 meters
Volume 75,000 cubic feet/ 2123 cubic meters
Weight 1,480 pounds/ 671,32 kilogram
Performance Specification:
Fineness Ratio 3.6
Maximum Speed 48 knots
Cruise Speed 28 Knots
Maximum Altitude 12,000 feet/ 3657 meters
Endurance 30 hours
Main Hull Material – Uretek U-3857
White polyurethane coating/ lamination layer
Clear polyurethane layer-coating
1000 Denier Polyester Fabric (18×23)
Finished Product
Envelop only for sale

Guntersville, AL, United States