This 1965 Chevrolet Impala is an original, automotic transmission with an 8 cylinder 289 engine. It doesn’t start, run or drive, I haven’t really tried yet I’ve been busy. I bought it as a project needing sheet metal all around but with work and school full time I’m looking to pass it along. I have a ton of projects ahead of this one and I don’t want to see it sit any longer. I bought this in Massachusetts last year from a guy like myself, he has a huge garage full of cars dating back to the 20’s and he didn’t have time for it either. From what I see, it mostly needs sheet metal work all around but structurally it’s ok. The frame rails look good underneath, the one in the truck has an area needing attention but not too bad. I’ve added pictures so you can see everything and make an informed decision.

From what I see, it needs floor pans, trunk pan, gas tank, windshield, roof skin patched in some places and some other sheet metal work here and there. The trunk lid has rust and rot along the end where it closes but will close with a lock added, I removed the old one to get into the trunk. The passenger side door doesn’t stay closed, you will need to lube and or adjust the lock mechanism. The lower quarter panels, rocker panels, etc seem to be where the work is needed but the uppers look solid. It has the original emblems, original Chevy AM radio, Impala chrome seat emblem in the back, there are vin etchings on all of the windows except the windshield. The front bumper on the passenger side has some rust but the rest of it and the rear bumper with the grill looks ok. The seats are there as well as the dashboard but all need attention as well as the roof liner. This is by far the most expensive car that I own once it’s completed. I’ve included a value sheet from NADA.COM so you can see the full potential if you want to flip it or fix up and keep it. I bought 3 cars in a row and this one needs the most work so I’m willing to let it go, I will not part this car out. If it doesn’t sell I will garage it and get to it in the spring. If you want to see the current values put this year and model in the search bar in ebay and see what people are paying for these.

This car use to have a vinyl top which is no longer there. Rust around the front and rear windows, not sure if it turns over I haven’t tried it. I’ve been putting my attention into the 73 mustang convertible next to it because that’s further along and closer to being road ready. There are no keys, no battery, no title and the ignition cylinder has been hollowed out. Here in Massachusetts you don’t need a title, Vermont and New Hampshire either but you need a bill of sale which I will give you. In this state you need a notarized bill of sale and I’ll pay for that. You will need a winch to get this onto your trailer. Take a look at all of the pictures and zoom in so you can see the full condition. Right now you can Fred Flinstone it if you’d like to use it asap lol but it will need some work as you can see. I got it because of how complete it is, I was surprised to see that it has all of the original glass and AM radio and the frame was ok.

The car will shift into neutral to roll onto a trailer ok with a winch, I will assist you if needed but I don’t have anything to help load it with. The rims and tires look aftermarket and roll fine. Please ask any questions before you hit buy it now, you can come see it if you want before purchasing. I will assist a shipper if you want to send a transporter to pick it up but be sure to let them know that it doesn’t move on it’s own.

Ask your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, pay your bills, child support and whatever other excuse people use when they can’t pay for what they bid on. If you hit buy it now, we are both under the impression that you will make your $250 deposit immediately so I know you’re serious about the purchase by PayPal and the remainder within 3 days. I’ll take cash, cash app or any other payment that’s secure and verified. If you use PayPal or another service that has fees, you will need to cover the fees associated with that. If you use a cashiers check, you cannot take possession of the car until the funds have cleared up to 7 days. That’s because there are scams where you deposit the check, it shows cleared then it bounces afterwards so those have to fully clear. No personal checks. Check my feedback and see that I am a person of my word, if I bid I pay immediately. If I sell something to someone, it’s exactly what I stated so there are no surprises. I want you to be fully comfortable and happy with your purchase.

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Price: $6,999

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Location: Agawam, Massachusetts, United States