I bought this Porsche back in 2016 for $25,000 on EBAY in order to restore it. I started the process by having a restoration shop stripping the car and having it water blasted. Unfortunately, this shop was very unreliable and it took me almost 5 years to repossess my car, after spending a lot on the restoration shop without getting anything except a partial disassembled car and a low quality water blasting job. The same was for the engine. The engine was pulled and had a lot of oil leaks. Therefore it was decided to disassemble the engine, inspect it and do whatever is needed to get it back in a rebuilt condition. Same here, the engine shop (recommended by the restoration shop) also only went half through and I had to recover the engine as well after spending a lot of money on it. I do not have the time and resources to work on the project and need to move on.

Here are some facts to the car (to my best knowledge):

It is a 1967 Porsche 912 short wheel base with 5 gauges and 5 speed transmission.I ordered a COA (see attached). The engine is original Porsche but not numbers matching. The engine has no engine number stamped in. According to my research, this was the case for original exchange engines from the factory.


The car was water blasted years ago and then left without primer and therefore shows a lot of surface rust, but there are no rusted through areas on the body! The body of the car is pretty solid. Except the doors, everything can be easily restored. The doors show a lot of bondo, but no rust. I therefore got 2 used rust free replacement doors, which are coming with the car. The rocker panels and floors appear to be solid and original. Normally the floors are rusted out or badly repaired. One area in front of the front suspension on one side needs attention. As far as I know is the car compete and no major parts are missing.


The engine was partially disassembled. The cranks shaft and main bearing had been checked by the engine shop and according to their assessment are good. The heads have all fins and no cracks. A new valve job was also completed. The pistons and cylinders are original Mahle from Germany and in good condition. The car was converted to an external oil cooler. I bought a nos original oil cooler. Also I bought a new fly wheel and clutch assembly. The car came with aftermarket Weber carbs. I purchased a set of original Solex, but they are completely taken apart and in my opinion not usable. I bought also a set of original German Knecht air filter housings. All tin appears to be present.


The gas tank has a leak and needs repair or replacement.

The front windshield has a crack

The car comes on a set of FUCHS rims

IMPORTANT: I lost the original title (only have a copy/picture from the original seller) and the screenshot of the won EBAY auction from 2016. The original seller cannot be reached anymore. So the car will be sold with a bill of sale only.

Price: $16,000

More info: Click here to see original eBay auction and get more information (Affiliate link)

Seller's other items: powerfold

Location: Miami, Florida, United States