Note: I also have a two 1970 Dodge Super Bee project cars for sell Call me for Details. Thanks, 336-681-4075

1971 Dodge Challenger Convertible Asking $32,500 or Best Offer / MAKE OFFER.

Can deliver anywhere.

Clean title. Surprisingly Solid Car, 95%+/- rust free. Very Complete car. VERY RARE Only 1,857 convertibles made in what may be the lowest production year with both hardtops and convertibles combined around 20,000+ made. Engine presumed to be fine. Factory REAR WING/spoiler CAR! FACTORY: Air Conditioning / Factory Power steering/Power Brakes/power top. Factory Cruise control/ Factory trunk release, factory Ralley hood & more! Rare opportunity to Restore back to Original and a Perfect candidate to build your Dream Ride & you could Choose your own interior and exterior colors! If you are looking for a Solid Convertible project, Then this is it! Very little Body Work is needed to make this a slick ride! The car also has a special order tag. Believed to be originally White on white on white with Black hood accents and black side strips and Black rear Go-Wing Spoiler.318 V8 and came with Automatic transmission and console shift. It has M/T valve covers. 4bbl Carb. A/C. PS and front and rear sway bars. Front disc brakes. 8 3/4 rear end. Appears to be Original 76,411 miles on the odometer. Surprisingly Solid Car, Maybe 95% rust free. There are other parts for the car. Moldings and trim, heater box, AC duct work, White convertible top, rear glass, side glass, and windshield trim. Great car with lots of parts. 1st time offered For Sale to Public, has been stored within a 100+ car Car collection. There are a lot of details i would like to share with you about the Cars. Too much to type. You are welcome to visit my home here in Greensboro, NC 27406 to view the cars . Feel free to call , Thanks, Ron 336-681-4075 daytime calls only 9AM to 9PM

PAYMENT Cash in Person, Cash Shipped via US Registered Mail, Bank Wire Transfer

DELIVERY: Seller offers assistance in arranging affordable delivery anywhere.VIEWING: Cars may be seen by potential buyers at my home in Greensboro, NC 27406.

Calls will be answered Before messages are replied to.Thanks, Ron (336) – 681 – 4075 daytime only 9AM to 9PM ESTIF YOU ARE MAKING AN OFFER THEN YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR CONTACT NUMBERNOTE: To send your number through eBay you will need to either take a photo of your telephone number and send it, or type out the spelling of numbers and use symbols such as the slash / between numbers. I will figure it.If you are really interested you should save time and go ahead and send to me your number

DELIVERY: Seller offers assistance in arranging affordable delivery anywhere. Call for Details 336-681-4075Selling AS IS and ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Buyers are responsible for review of all pictures and view in person. All Sales are final and no exceptions. ***END OF AD***read belowUnrelated to the ad for this car, below is a little story I like to share about my life which might have no value for you but might be what someone needs or you might want to share. 1st Question: When you are called back to your doctor’s office what is the worst thing you pray that he will not tell you that you have? Seriously what is your answer? What diagnosis is just the worst? Now since you answered allow me to ask question #22nd Question: What is worse than hearing a doctor tell you that you have cancer? READ the following to find out:I had an excessive number of close calls with death in 2019 and just wanted to say that My God is an awesome God! For whatever reason God allows some to make it & others he calls home, but here is just a few seconds of my story: Repeat visits to Four different hospitals and many months just at Duke University Hospital where a doctor walks into my room while looking at my chart and says to me; “Wow, you got necrotizing pancreatitis, you would have been better off with cancer!”, I then replied: “Excuse me”? He responded: “Yea, necrotizing pancreatitis carries a 30% mortality rate, which is roughly 1 out of 3 people with your diagnosis will die with what you have, so therefore if you had been diagnosed with some random cancer diagnoses, you odds of survival would have bound to have been much better than 1 out of 3.”Well at that time I had already lost about 40 pounds which was near death for me since I am a slim guy to begin with, and I had tubes coming out of my nose, my stomach and both arms, fighting to live. Those words were not words of encouragement to me but rather those intended to make me give up, I cried extra for 2 days, waking up in the middle of the night crying, once crying from 2 AM to 5:30 AM, then I had a thought, no not a thought, I heard a voice, I didn’t realize till later that it was the voice of the Holy Spirit, anyway while all alone in tears in my hospital bed, The voice said: “Do you still believe that God is going to heal you”? ( I always said my God would heal me) I quickly responded: “Yes, I still believe that God is going to heal me”. Then the voice said to me:”Then do you think it makes a difference to God whether this is worse than cancer or not worse than cancer”. (pause for a moment and try to absorb that, please go back and read that part again)Right at that moment I stopped crying and smiled with a little laughter realizing; What do I have to fear, I knew its not like God would respond to my cries for help & healing with an apology like: “Sorry can’t help you.. didn’t realize this was worse than cancer, can’t handle that, maybe if it was something more simple” No, I knew right at that moment He would never leave me nor forsake me that I would one day be able to walk again, eat food and drink liquids again (I was fed intravenously for many months {tube in a vein in my left upper arm ran all the way up and around to my heart call a ‘PICC line’}instructed not a bit of food nor drink of water), that one day I would be completely healed! I knew at that very moment that the message I had received from my doctor which was unintentionally meant to discourage me and make me give up living and go ahead and die, would now be used to strengthen my testimony and that one day I would share with complete strangers that My God is so Awesome and that He has healed me from something far worse that cancer! (if any one ever ask me why I think my diagnoses was far worse than cancer, then I can honestly tell them; ” Because my Doctor told me it was”)I am now healed and ready to live a new life!I hope you also live a full and blessed life. John 3:16-21Now allow me to end as i do in most my ads with that I get so many responses from people who are facing a tough time That i am now sharing with everyone a song “If You Want Me To” by a blind female Christian artist named Ginny Owens, you might wish to share it as well; , πŸ™‚Thanks, Ron

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