Alright, motorheads, strap on your retro goggles because we’re diving headfirst into a time capsule. And no, we’re not talking about a smoky burnout-ready muscle car this time. Instead, we’re talkin’ about the ever-iconic, the people’s champ of the auto world – the 1974 Volkswagen Beetle.

Now, for all those thinking Beetles are just cute bugs, let me drop a gear and enlighten you. While this bad boy might not sport a V8, it’s packing a 1600CC engine paired with a 4-speed manual that gives you a connection to the road that most modern rides can only dream about. And yeah, that engine in the back isn’t a design flaw; it’s a stroke of German genius.

Painted in a shade of yellow so vivid it could challenge the sun, this Beetle is bound to turn heads whether it’s cruising down Main Street or parked at the local diner. Inside, you’re greeted with black vinyl bucket seats that have seen stories we can only dream of. But here’s where it gets cool-this little bug comes with a factory sunroof. So, on those clear nights, you can shift into neutral, lean back, and stargaze right from the comfort of your ride.

And for those purists out there, this Beetle keeps it real with manual steering and brakes. Every turn, every stop – it’s all you, giving you that raw, authentic driving experience.

The 1974 Volkswagen Beetle isn’t just a car; it’s an icon, a legend, a true testament to simplicity and efficiency. This is your chance to own a piece of automotive history, and not just any piece, but a sunroof-clad slice of the 70s! Whether you’re reliving old memories or creating new ones, this Beetle is ready for the journey. So, are you in?






Price: $13,999

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