BAE RG12 MK2 APC Armored Truck General Dynamics Military Vehicle
Here is an opportunity to purchase a very rare 2003 BAE RG-12 armored truck in amazing
condition. Registered and plated in Vermont. Everything works as it should, the engine, trans,
diffs, brakes, electrical system on this truck have been completely gone through. This truck is
fully armored against .308 caliber. The ballistic glass is 2” thick and in great condition. Engine is
intercooled and turbo 5.9 Cummins diesel with mechanical IP, automatic transmission and 4-
wheel drive. There are no computers on this truck, it is the ultimate survival / bugout / get your
family to safety vehicle, because it is EMP proof and has no computers to fail or be disabled.
The brakes and all systems work as they should, the A/C blows cold, the following parts are
brand new; headlights, marker lights, wipers, LED spotlights and much more.
Paint is fresh CARC tan and all black parts, bumpers, window grills, etc. have been powder
coated black. Tires are brand new Michelin XZL’s with run flat inserts. The wheels have been
sandblasted and powder coated black. The doors operate pneumatically both at the door and
also remotely from a switch on the dash. The front bull bar bumper goes up and down with a
switch. This truck seats 12 with room for supplies. It also has a built-in water supply tank for
drinking. The rear seats can be removed and the truck can be reconfigured into an armored
camper or whatever you imagine.

Truck runs and drives great, no issues, we’ve been driving it for the last year and have done
parades. This truck is registered and plated in Vermont.
This is a real armored truck. The difference is that this truck can take literally hundreds,
possibly thousands of hits and still go down the road. It is fully armored, that means the
radiator, fuel tank, etc.…everything is protected. Armored Humvees and Suburban’s protect
the crew at best, it takes just one hit to kill the engine, radiator, brakes, etc. and disable a
Humvee because none of that is armored. Would you spend $100,000 plus for an “armored”
Humvee that can be disabled with one shot leaving you stranded in a $100,000 useless metal
box. This RG-12 will keep going, fully armored, no computer and room for the people you care
about and things you will need.

The combination of armoring, power and capacity of this truck as well as the short wheel base
maneuverability and 4-wheel drive make this truck perhaps the most practical survival vehicle
available, perfect for both urban and rural protection.

Message with questions, no sales outside of the US and must be a US citizen to buy this truck.

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Originally listed on October 8, 2021. Older listings are displayed for reference and probably will not be available.

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Location: Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, United States