Builder: Zenith Dredge Company Duluth MinnesotaYear Built: March, 1943 Retrofit with newMotors, Generators and much more in 1996Model/type: Steel Hull Motor VesselIMO or other Number: Not seenLength Overall: 180’. 0” *Length between Perpendiculars: 170’. 0” *Depth, Molded: 17’ .0” *Draft Molded at Full Load: 12’

Displacement, at Full Load: 1,029* tonsDisplacement, Light Ship: 734* tonsFraming System: Steel LongitudinalEngine # & MFG.: Two (2) Electro Motive Diesels

Displacement, at Full Load: 1,029* tonsDisplacement, Light Ship: 734* tonsFraming System: Steel LongitudinalEngine # & MFG.: Two (2) Electro Motive Diesels*Per ships particulars sheetHULL & STRUCTUREKeel & Bottom: Steel, viewed from the interior, the vessel had ¾” of steel added to thebow and hull area and running ¾” to the aft of the vessel.Topsides & Transom: Steel, welded plates, black paint, Decks & Superstructure: Steel, white painted, three (3) deck levels and bridgeDeck Hardware: Steel handrails, steel bulwarks, steel water tight hatches, one (1)40,000 lbs forward deck crane, two (2) dingy davit 6,000 lbs, deck bollards bow & sternareas, metal construction mastLongitudinals / Stringers: Steel construction, paintedAthwartships / Bulkheads / Frames: Steel construction, paintedWater Tight Hatches, compartments & Doors: Eleven (11) water tight compartments, Nineteen (19) water tight doors all adjusted and chalk tested in 2002, five (5) emergencyescape hatches all chalk tested and adjusted in 2002, three (3) water tight deck hatches.Layout / Interior Components: The vessel has berthing on main deck for officers withheads and washrooms. There are accommodation spaces on the lower deck for up to 11person per cabin area with showers and toilets. There are accommodation spaces for 57crew total on board.Comments: The vessel was inspected while afloat. The vessel was not taken out on asea trial with the surveyor on board. The bilge areas and structure was visuallyinspected. The bilges and structure appears in satisfactory-good condition. The hullsides and stern were visually inspected. The hull sides and stern appear in satisfactory–good structural and cosmetic condition. The deck and superstructure were visuallyinspected and appear in a structurally satisfactory-good condition. The deck hardware, including the safety rails, mooring devices, and hatches, were visually inspected.Overall, the deck hardware appears in satisfactory-good condition. The structuralreinforcements, including the Longitudinals/frames and bulkheads, were visuallyinspected, where possible. The structural reinforcements appear satisfactory-good. Theinterior cabin spaces are generally neat and orderly. Overall, the cabin spaces are insatisfactory-good cosmetic condition.

Summary: Satisfactory-Good

5/12/2015 3MACHINE SYSTEMSMain Engines: Two (2) Electromotive – motive diesel engines, Detroit Diesels, model8-645E6A, 700 hp* each, port 19688 & starboard 13852 hrs on metersEngine Application: Inboard, diesel, 8 cylinders, freshwater cooledSerial Numbers: Starboard 82-E1-1018, Port 82-E11-034External / Peripherals: Suitable application, satisfactory installationBow Thruster: Detroit Diesel generator, 180 hp, located below emergency generator roomExhaust Systems: Metal construction, hull side discharge, laggedPropulsion Gear / Shaft Logs: Not visible for inspection, reported 8” diameter stainlesssteel shaft, five blade bronze construction propellerSteering System / Rudder Ports: Hydraulic system, one (1) -rudder port, emergency handoperation, not test operatedVentilation: Natural and blowers, emergency shut off switches engine room entrancewayGenerators: Two (2) Westinghouse, Detroit Diesels, model 6V92, 200 kw, 450 volts, generators, one (1) Westinghouse emergency generator, 100kw, model E7315, 7772 hrson meterExternal / Peripherals: Satisfactory installation, suitable applicationThrough Hulls & Components/piping: Bronze through hulls, Painted piping, color codedas per 46 CFR 182,25 – 182.530,Black Water Overboard & System: Through hull for the black water overboard locatedbetween frame 2-60-2 and 1-61-2 is in the closed position as per EPA & USCGregulations, vacuum system 2000 gallon holding tank, MARPOL signs in placeSeawater Systems: Painted, color coded, two (2) metal construction sea chests, enginecompartmentBilge Pumps: Two (2) fire/bilge pumps bilge, fire manifold located in the motor room, piping color-coded, per 46 CFR 182. 25-30, test operated by the USCG, suction legs inmotor room, bow thruster compartment, engine room cargo hold.

Comments: The engines were visually inspected. The engines were not test operated.The external surfaces and peripheral components of the engines appear satisfactory-good. The engine controls appear properly arranged and installed. The engine exhaustsystem appears properly arranged and installed. The propulsion components werevisually inspected from the interior only. They appear satisfactory-good. The steeringsystem was visually inspected as possible and test operated. The steering systemappears satisfactory-good. The ventilation systems appear good and the blowers weretest operated. The generators were visually inspected only. They appear satisfactory-good. The through hulls and all of the associated components and pipe work werevisually inspected, and appear satisfactory-good as per 46 CFR 182- 184. The sea watersystems were visually inspected as possible. They appear satisfactory-good. Thebilge/fire pumps were visually inspected only, and appear satisfactory-good.Summary: Satisfactory-GoodFUEL SYSTEMTanks: Three (3) steel construction, 30,650* gallons total capacity, inspection hatches, one (1) metal construction forward emergency generator room 100 gallonsVents: The vents were inspected and are screened and located on the outside of thevessel, as per Title 46 CFR 182.15.33Feed & Returns: Manifold, solid piping, emergency shut off starboard side companionwayComments: The fuel system including the tanks, fills, vents, feed and return lines werevisually inspected as installed. The fuel system, where visible, appears satisfactory-good. The condition and age of the fuel and the integrity of the tanks is beyond thescope of this inspection.Summary: Satisfactory-GoodELECTRICAL SYSTEMSAC System: 12-volt batteries, Start batteries for main engines and generators, 12 volt, five (5) located aft engine compartment, batteries in the emergency generator room andengine room are not contained or secured per 46 CFR 183.05DC system: 460 volts 3 phase, 125 voltWiring: Multi stranded wiresCircuit Protection: Main and branch AC circuit breakers, branch DC breakers andswitchesComments: The electrical system was partially inspected only, and appearssatisfactory-good.Summary: Satisfactory-Good

VALUESACTUAL CASH VALUE $ 700,000 Seven Hundred Thousand Dollars

NEW REPLACEMENT VALUE$ 5,000,000 Five Million DollarsThe actual cash value is the value that our research approximates the selling price ofthis vessel should be, at the time and place of our inspection. Consideration is given tovessel’s condition, geographic location, published listings and guides, comparable salesand listings, and market conditions. The new replacement value is the cost of this or asimilar, new vessel, comparably equipped. No values include maintenance costs, storage or tax.Standard Form Key: All systems are rated based upon their appearance, ratingsinclude: Not examined, Not applicable, Faulty, Marginal, Satisfactory, Good, Excellent.ABYC is American Boat & Yacht Council, NFPA is National Fire Protection AgencyUSCG is United States Coast Guard, CFR is Code of Federal Regulations

Price: $525,000

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Location: San Pedro, California, United States