Patriotic American Flag Tattered Glory License Plate Front Car Truck Auto USA
12×6″ Thick Aluminum Vibrant Patriotic US Tattered American Flag License Plate! This one is for you. We created the texture and vibrant color with tattered edge to be use with or without a license plate frame. Either way, it’ll look amazing, for a long time.

What are the qualities of a true patriot? We certainly believe expression is a major component. We’re service members, veterans and civil servants. Our lives evolve around Olds Glory. You’re here because yours do too. Cheers to you.

Created using a high end process called sublimation. Applied to anti-rust aluminum .034mm thick plate. The thickest plate you can get online. Durable enough to withstand all weather while still being able to gently bend around any curved front bumpers. These high quality vanity plates are the same thickness as your state issued license plates. After the sublimation process, heating the triple UV inks to over 400 degrees and pressed image onto the plate using 200lbs of pressure and held for several minutes. This process creates a vibrant, colorful and durable design that will last through extreme heat and cold.

Fresno, California, United States