1948 Ford F1 Rat Rod Truck A “real deal” Rat Rod! Titled as a 1948 Ford, this all Ford Truck was built in 2007/2009 on a 48 Ford frame, using a 48 Ford Truck cab and a 51 Ford truck bed with “tubbed out” fenders to accommodate the 9” rear tires riding on period correct AluminumWheels. “The Rat” is powered by a (mildly built) 1971 Mercury Cougar 302 (that’s a 5.0 Liter Ford to you young guys!), 4 Barrel Holly Carb and mild cam. Ford Truck C6 Automatic Transmission and 8” Ford Limited Slip Differential turning a 4:56 gear ratio which briskly moves it down the road!
Cooling is provided by a rear mounted Aluminum Radiator with Thermostatically controlled Electric Fan (located under the bed). Exhaust pipe was used to run the coolant back and forth from the bed to the engine. This truck always runs cool and on the hottest Florida summer days the temperature never went over 200 degrees, even sitting idling in traffic.
All windows are Lexan, with the door windows being bolted to the SpiderWebbing. They insert in the door window opening similar to “side curtains” like used on the 1954 Corvette and are held in by 4 pins. Not air tight but they keep the majority of the wind and rain out.
65 Mustang Steering Wheel and Column connected to working turn signals with “indicator lights” mounted on the cowl. Antique “White Truck” speedometer (works) although the indicated speed shows fast due to the 4:56 rear end and never having the speedo gear changed in the trans. 6” foam pad seat base covered in a real MexicanBlanket. Custom built shifter topped with a Crystal Door Knob. Hot Rod styleTemp/Volts/Oil Pressure gauges. The glove box liner is made using a old porcelain cooking pot cut in half. Fuel Tank is a old 15 gallon beer keg mounted in the bed.

This is a “real deal” Rat. This truck sat in a field for almost 40 years. The “patina” (rust) is real, not like some of those “sand thru the primer and then spray it with clear” Faux Rats you see. It’s rusty, raggedy and rough riding because…it is a RAT Truck! If you want the real deal…this is it.

This truck starts every time, runs great and sounds great with the open headers being “muffled” with a package of coarse steel wool stuffed up inside each collector. No Power Steering (48 Ford Steering Box), no Power Brakes (48 Ford Drum Brakes).

Location: Cape Coral, Florida, United States

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